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Signature Cocktails
Mac’s A-Peel
St. Germaine, Tito's vodka, Domaine ginger liquor, and freshly-squeezed lemon, hand-shaken and topped with Cock n' Bull. Garnished with a flamed lemon peel.
Aperol Spritzer
Hand-squeezed lemon and lime, orange bitters, Aperol, and rose wine. Hand-shaken and strained into a rocks glass with a boulder, topped with soda and a flamed orange peel.
The Kiwito
Muddled kiwi, fresh-squeezed lemon and mint leaves, Barcardi, and mint syrup. Hand-shaken and strained, topped with soda and garnished with a mint leaf.
Monta ~ Paloma
Spotted Bear, Agave, freshly-squeezed grapefruit, lemon, and orange juice, and Amaro Montenegro. Hand-shaken and strained into a rocks glass with a boulder and a splash of soda. Garnished with a flamed grapefruit peel. 
Ki ~ Water Smash
Muddled kiwi, watermelon syrup, fresh lime, Glacier Dew vodka, a dash of tajin, and a splash of tonic syrup. Hand-shaken and strained into a tajin-rimmed collins glass, topped with soda and garnished with a lime twist.
The Bramble
Muddled kiwi, fresh lemon, Guardian Gin, and a splash of tonic. Hand-shaken and strained into a sugar-rimmed collins glass. Topped with watermelon syrup and garnished with a lemon.
Georgia on my Mind
Muddled peach, fresh mint leaves, Peach Dickle, and brown sugar simple syrup. Hand-shaken and strained into a collins glass and topped with Cock n' Bull, garnished with a fresh peach slice.
Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita
Pineapple jalapeno tequila, jalapeno simple syrup, hand-squeezed orange and lime juice, and tonic. Hand-shaken and strained into a salt-rimmed rocks glass and garnished with a flamed lime peel.
The Sweet n' Hot Whisky Chiller
Acquisition, house-made strawberry puree, jalapeno simple syrup, fresh orange and lime juice. Hand-shaken and strained into a sugar-rimmed rocks glass and topped with soda.
The Rosie Summer Breeze
Hand-shaken Fire Root Apple Gin, Lillet Blanc , fresh lemon, rose syrup, and honey simple syrup. Poured into a frozen cocktail glassed, topped with soda and garnished with dried rose petals.
Jamo Milkshake
Blended vanilla ice cream with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, banana Jameson, Godiva chocolate liquor. drizzled with chocolate syrup.
Huckleberry Espresso Martini
Muddled and hand-shaken espresso beans, Cold Spring Huckleberry vodka, Willie's Huckleberry cream, and Godiva chocolate liquor. As delicious as it sounds!
The New York Sour
Hand-shaken Old Forester Bourbon, honey simple syrup, and fresh lemon. Strained into a collins glass and topped with 1,000 Stories Zinfandel. Garnished with a lemon peel.

Wine List

Finca La Moras – Bourbon Barrel Cab

Juggernaut Hillside Cab

Freakshow Cab Sav

Zac Brown - Red Blend

Shatter Grenache

1000 Stories Bourbon barrel Zin

Banfi Brunello Di Montalcino

Headsnapper Malbec

Durigatti Malbec & Clasico
Noble Vines 181 Merlot

KJ VR Syrah

Zac Brown Pino Noir

Freakshow Red Blend       



Beringer Main & Vine White Zin

Jacobs Creek Moscato

Jacobs Creek Chardonnay

Joel GottChardonnay

Barrymore Pinot Grigio

Dom Perignon

Headsnapper Prosecco

Korbel Brut