Beer List​

Flamingo Dreams – Left Hand | Face Plant – Bayern | The Bruce - Uberbre | Hope Rising IPA – Squatter’s | Power of love IPA – Mother Earth |

Butte Red – Butte Brewing | Strange Haze IPA -- Highlander | Spruce Tip IPA -- Upslope | River Nymph – Neptune | Rev Nat’s hard cider

Long Root Wit – Hub Brewing | Magic Hobo Monkey – Meadowlark | Cream Ale – Back Foot | Otter Water – Phillipsburg | Sky Kraken Pale Ale -- Fremont |

Super Pils -- Bavik | Hofbrau Original -- Hafbrauhaus | Pineapple Kush IPA | SeaQuench – Dog Fish Head | Borage – Propolis |

Sierraveza -- Sierra Nevada | Citrus Smash IPA – FlatHead |

Bozone Amber – Bozeman Brewing | Bräuweisse Hefeweizen  -- Ayinger |

Signature Cocktails
Rocky Bourbon Julep
Montana Bourbon, fresh mint, and lemon juice hand shaken, sweetened with brown sugar simple and garnished with a sprig of mint.
Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita
PJT house-made jalapeno simple syrup, fresh lime, cold shaken and strained over a boulder, and garnished with pineapple.
Cutty Sark, Ardbeg Scotch, fresh lemon, honey and ginger all cold shaken and poured over a boulder then garnished with candied ginger.
The Pear Gimlet
Muddled cucumber cold shaken with Pear Gin, fresh lemon, Aperol, and a dash of grapefruit bitters all double strained into a chilled cocktail glass with a grapefruit twist.
Mac’s Dark and Stormy
Captain, fresh lime juice, ginger, vanilla, topped with soda and garnished with a lime wheel
The Hemingway
Bacardi, Luxardo, fresh grapefruit and lime juice, hand-shaken and sweetened with brown sugar simple and garnished with a skewered cherry.
Blackberry Crush
Muddled blackberries hand shaken with Skyy vodka, lemon juice, and honey, then topped with soda, and garnished with a blackberry.
Raspberry Tequila Smash
A muddled blend of raspberries, lime juice, mint leaves and Spotted Bear Tequila, sweetened with honey syrup then topped with soda water and garnished with mint.
Whistle Pig Daisy
Whistle pig rye, fresh lemon juice, Grand Mariner, egg white and club soda, hand shaken and double strained then topped with soda.
An amazing blend of cranberry vodka, triple sec, red blend wine, Apple Jack, Pineapple Jack, Grenadine with always fresh juices and a hint of cherry, orange, and black walnut bitters, poured over ice and garnished with orange and cherry

Wine List


Finca Las Moras


Old Ghost

Klinker brick


Freakshow Cab

Freakshow Red

Headsnapper Malbec


Z. Brown Red

Zac Brown Pino Noir



1000 Stories

Almarada Malbec



Klinker brick Rose

Head snapper Prosecco


Canyon Oak



Star borough

Jacob's creek chard

Segura Viudas


Curious Beast

Centorri Moscato

La Bella

Joel Gott Chard